Endodontics Courses in India

  • Diagnosis, treatment planning and art of convincing patients
  • Selection of cases
  • Access opening / locating canals [simple and easy methods]
  • Biomechanical preparation /various techniques (Shaping & Cleaning)
  • Obturation / various techniques
  • Root canal treatment of anteriors, premolars and molars
  •  Conventional
  •  Hand protapers
  •  Rotary
    1. Protaper
    2. M-TWO
  • Single file RCT
  • Single visit RCT
  • Re RCT ( Techniques and management)
  • Microscopic endodontics
  • Root canal medicaments ( properties and indications)
  • Treating Endodontic Emergencies(flare-ups, incision and drainage, acute alveolar abscess)
  • Procedural Errors & Management(Perforation, Zipping, Transportation, Strip Perforation, Gouging, Ledging, Instrument Breakage, Sodium Hypochlorite accident)
  • Overview of Newer materials like Biodentine, MTA placement manipulation & technique of placement.
  • Endodontic Surgeries (Apicectomy, Hemisection, Bicuspidization)
  • How to use apex locator
  • Post and core
    1. RCT's on extracted teeth. ( Candidates will be provided with minimum of 10 teeth)
    2. Demonstration of various medicaments, instruments, loopes and newer materials etc.

Hands On

  • RCT's on minimum of 10 extracted teeth [ Ant / Premolars /molars ] using conventional / Hand Protaper / Rotary / Single file technique
  • Re RCT on extracted teeth
  • Management of broken file on extracted teeth
  • Apicectomy / Hemisection / Bicuspidisation on extracted teeth
  • Using Apex locator/ Endomotor / Loopes
  • Demonstration of various intracanal materials and medicaments
  •  Preparation of double/triple antibiotic paste


Candidates will be allowed to work on patients on most of the procedures learned in theory and Hands on depending on the duration of clinical posting and availability of various cases.

  1. Minimum of 10 RCT's (Conventional, hand protapers, Rotary, single visit etc.)
  2. Post and core


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